"embroidering amma" (2021)

A performative film that documents the artist embroidering the words "amma", meaning mother in her mother tongue, Malayalam on a white veil. Themes of duality, hybridity, repetition and symmetry are explored. This film celebrates two contrasting cultural objects reaching toward each other to become and take space as a hybrid object which may speak to experiences of diaspora.

"a memory" (2021)

Short film of the artist performing with her grandmother's diary while recalling a visceral yet fragmented memory of her mother braiding her hair. It is a meditation on intimacy as well as estrangement.

"Strictly Braids" in Ma pitch  (2021)

My braids tight with memory.

My braids loosening with desire.

My braids undone without an archive. 

By othering the viewer, "Strictly Braids"  is a play on the expectations and translations of racialized and migrant bodies. It recognizes the effects of assimilation and loss of culture within an immigrant experience and centers the body as a fragmented and hybrid archive of dualities. The artist performs with braided hair, digital reproductions of renaissance paintings and a Shruti Box.

"Paint making with my ammamma" (2020)

Stills from short film featuring a phone conversation between the artist and her grandmother as she creates oil paints on her kitchen counter with powdered turmeric.

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